I was born and brought up in Shoghi, a small town on Shimla's outskirts. Since childhood I was into colors and all the creative stuff. As I grew up, this interest turned into craze. In high school times I was facinated by the tattoos and decided to be a tattoo artist. While other kids were mugging up to become an engineer or doctor, I was dreaming about colors, machines, travel and inner satisfaction. Being in a rock band (Rudravahan) also supported and cherished my aspirations. So after school I enrolled for painting and arts course in college. I started tattooing professionally in year 2008. It all started with couple of experimental scraching. I did my first tattoo on a friend of mine. It was a cover-up tattoo of his X-girl friend's name. With time my experience, work quality and intensity continued to improve. I found the love of my life Susann. And I feel so lucky to have her. I remember when I did a tattoo for her and I think i did a pretty good job. We love travelling together and spend quality time in the studio. She inspires my art everyday. I would like to thank all my friends and tattoers. Spike,Sito,Guacimara, Neo, Suzi, Mushi, Veeru, Bodi, Lucky n lee, Kunal. Without you guys my dream wouldn't have been true. A special thanks to my parents n my Best Best friend Lucky. Things wouldn't have been this easy without you.